Features & benefits

At La Garde, we build you tanks the way you wish them to be in order to
satisfy your needs.

Whether it is for an existing winery or a future project, our team of engineers will propose you the ideal solution to help you optimize your production.

La Garde is a division of SML Stainless Steel Group which has been making anything and everything out of stainless steel since 1966. Indeed, we have a great expertise in custom design and fabrication in the fields of kitchens as well as foodservice, medical and laboratory equipment and also the furniture, appliances and transportation industries.

As an Original Equipment Manufacturer, SML works very closely with its clients to fulfill their specific needs. At La Garde, we offer you the same for your tanks.

The cubic and rectangular shapes of la garde’s fermenters offer many
advantages, such as:

Optimized Fermentation

The quality of your wine depends on many factors: the quality of the grapes that were used to make it, their handling, the terroir, the weather, your vigilant care as winemaker, etc. However, the quality of your fermenters should be added to this list. La Garde tanks will help you to fully express the character of your vineyard into your wines.

La Garde cubic and rectangular shaped fermenters are designed to maximize the skin-to-juice contact ratio to optimize fermentation in a way no other can. The square surface as opposed to round one in tanks of the same width, offers at least 25% more contact surface area between the grapes’ flesh & skin and the juice.

A larger contact surface area results in a thinner cap of must. Therefore, it is much easier to punch down, to provide more efficient pumpovers and to facilitate the cooling during the early stages of fermentation. All this helps the winemakers to save time and to reduce intervention procedures.

Optimized Space

The shape of La Garde fermenters also allows space optimization for wineries. On the same footprint, La Garde tanks could provide more than 25% volume than cylindrical tanks of the same width and height.

The incredible finish of La Garde’s Fermenters enhances their beautiful aesthetics and offers many major advantages:

Easy to clean for an aseptic environment

La Garde stainless steel tanks are designed to provide unparalleled aseptic control.

As a matter of fact, every weld and surface inside and outside La Garde’s high-end wine tanks are polished to obtain an unprecedented smooth finish thus preventing bacteria and other harmful substances from gaining a foothold. Sanitation becomes easier and faster and results in better wines, fewer losses and exceptional quality control.

Water Management & Environment Friendly

La Garde’s fermenters will help you preserve the environment by reducing the use of fresh water, cleaning agents and electrical power during their cleaning process. Therefore, you will preserve the environment and you will save time and money.

Additionally, La Garde follows strict environmental policies. All stainless steel used to fabricate our tanks is of very high quality. Moreover, we use technologies and techniques to help us reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible as well as renewable energy. On every sheet of stainless steel used, residues are re-used and scrap is 100% recycled. We reuse and/or recycle every wood crate, pieces of cardboard and paper entering our facilities.


Crafted out of a noble material, La Garde stainless steel wine tanks are heavy duty, functional and have been designed with an eye for beauty and attention to details. Their clean lines satisfy the exacting aesthetic and functional demands of the most prestigious wineries. La Garde wine tanks stand as a proud reflection and support of all the care and expertise that go into your wines.

We personalize your tanks to your liking by letting you choose not only the accessories to add on to your tanks, but where you want them to be.
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